For over 40 years I have been living side by side with the Filo

a threadlike, prickly object

made out of primary acrylic colors, a veritable emanation from canvas painting,

a companion of the road

with whom I conjugate my “art history”.

A transitional object to communicate with the world,

the ideal form to suggest to a possible global transformation of reality.

The Filo is original every time although it repeats itself,

it is an instrument, a method, a source of energy.

It is a thing and a way of thinking,

it is malleable and mimetic, reason and meditation,

it is able to penetrate the interstices or cross them,

recreating itself in single elements without losing its independence.

It is like a wave, its movements expressing tension and projection towards infinity.

Filo brings together scattered words and emotions,

the colors of our interior state of mind.

It connects our sentiments and makes us reflect:

with an invisible filo we can even tie up the universe.

Photo Alberto Perini – Sottopasso de Le Cure – December 2020